5 things you shouldn’t do on vacation

vacation people

How can you recognize a Japanese person anywhere in the world? There are probably at least two or three cameras around his neck through all vacation. Joke aside, in recent years cameras have been replaced by smartphones and now tablets. And while locals look reproachfully at tourists who lift their…

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6 Financial Mistakes You Need to Avoid


Our time is mostly consumed by trying to produce mainly one thing. MONEY. Unfortunately, money isn’t something we take the time to fully understand and learn more about, which can really lead into financial mistakes down the road that can make you the opposite of rich. Read the 7 financial…

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5 Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2020

Girl working from home

As technology and societal changes continue to drive rapid evolution in the world’s job market, working remotely from home is something that is dramatically growing in popularity. In fact, remote work has grown 90% over the past 10 years. In many ways, this trend is great for businesses and employees…

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Simple ways to disinfect your car

Exercise personal hygiene  Maybe the most basic and, at the same time, the most important step is to start exercising personal hygiene in your car. Wash your hands before going for a drive will also avoid pollution of the car. Then remember to wash them again after you’ve finished your trip to…

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5 Things to do in Copenhagen


Photo by: Thomas Rousing  Historic, young, raucous, and sophisticated, to many people Copenhagen will represent many things. It’s a virtual sandbox if you’re young, with the world’s oldest theme parks and some of the trendiest retail and nightlife places anywhere. There are ancient palaces and museums for history in which…

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