BMW congratulates Trucker Day to Mercedes

The BMW branch, which operates in the territory of the Russian Federation, congratulated the Truckers’ Day to their colleagues from the Mercedes-Benz branch, in their own way. Namely, on social networks, that is, on company profiles whose admins wear T-shirts with a blue-and-white propeller, a photo of a modern Mercedes-Benz…

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Sunseeker and Rolls-Royce hybrid yacht

yacht on the sea

British boatmaker Sunseeker International has joined forces with another famous island brand, Rolls-Royce, to jointly develop a yacht that uses hybrid technology, with the possibility of silent navigation in a mode in which it fully relies on the use of electricity. The presentation took place at the Boot Düsseldorf event,…

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South Jutland – the best of Denmark

South Jutland Denmark is ideal for exploring the beauties of Denmark. This peninsula separates the North from the Baltic Sea and forms the land border of Denmark and Germany. This country outside its capital also has a lot to offer tourists, and many will be pleasantly surprised by the richness…

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Revolutionary motorcycle Honda CB750

In the beginning, they survived thanks to low prices, and then Honda ‘s CB750 motorcycle debuted and showed that the Japanese can be superior. In the late 1960s, Japanese products were still not overly desirable in America. Not only were they below average quality but they were also small in…

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Maserati has a new V6 engine

Maserati new V6 engine with two turbos can boost from three liters and produce 550KS. After the premiere of the MC20 model, this unit replaces the Ferrari V8 engine with at least three models. Among the cars that will benefit from the new aggregate are the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, as…

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2021 Bentley Bentayga

Bentley has introduced the thoroughly redesigned Bentayga SUV, its best-selling model, bringing this car in line with the Continental GT and Flying Spur models. All panels at the front end of the Bentayge have been changed and double LED Matrix lights have been added whose position has been increased by…

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New engine for Mercedes Sprinter in America

Mercedes engine

Last year, Mercedes once again became the best-selling premium brand in America, ahead of BMW and Lexus, but it cannot boast of such success in the commercial vehicle category either. The famous Sprinter model attracted only 31,851 customers, which is about five times less compared to the leader Ford Transit,…

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