Simple ways to disinfect your car

Exercise personal hygiene 

Maybe the most basic and, at the same time, the most important step is to start exercising personal hygiene in your car. Wash your hands before going for a drive will also avoid pollution of the car. Then remember to wash them again after you’ve finished your trip to protect others ‘ health.

Give the cabin a detailed clean-up to your car

So, first of all, send the interiors a once-over. Vacuum clean the cabin and the dust-off areas, including the dashboard, the door pads and the chairs. Don’t neglect to clean the grime from all the corners.

Now that the cabin is clean of soil, let the disinfection begin. Begin from regularly felt areas like exterior and inside door handles, steering wheel, gear shifter, hand brake, sun visors, grip handles, seat grips, seat belt buckles, windshield, touchscreens and other keys and controls in the car. And don’t worry about the main fob!

It is necessary to remember that the disinfectant should be carefully selected in order to avoid exposure to cabin materials and electronics. Not too many cleaning products at home are safe for using. Bleach and ammonia-based goods may be too rough for the interior of the car and are usually not recommended.

Use disinfecting wipes

Disinfecting wipes with alcohol for everyday maintenance hygiene in your car.

Anti-bacterial sprays and sanitizers

Spray the most tangible surface in your car several times a day

Keeping hygiene high not only protects yourself, but you also protect others around you.

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