5 Jobs You Can Do From Home in 2020

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As technology and societal changes continue to drive rapid evolution in the world’s job market, working remotely from home is something that is dramatically growing in popularity. In fact, remote work has grown 90% over the past 10 years. In many ways, this trend is great for businesses and employees alike. This allows companies to reduce their overhead while also providing employees with more flexibility and freedom. If you would like to find work from home here are five ” jobs that growing in popularity in 2020.

1. Administrative and Customer Service

More and more, companies that employ customer service and administrative professionals are chosing to hire remote employees as opposed to employees that work in house. Since these roles entail communication that is conducted almost entirely via phone and email, they are a natural fit for remote work. Helping a customer through a problem over the phone or responding to administrative issues via email are tasks that can be conducted from the comfort of one’s own home just as easily as they can be conducted in an office. Increasingly more companies are turning to the remote workforce to fill these important roles.

Custumer service from home

2. Sales Representatives

Similar to customer service representatives, the majority of a sales representative’s
workday consists of communicating with customers over the phone. Rather than building in-house call centers, more and more companies that employ teams of sales representatives are sending this workforce home to communicate with customers using their own phones. If you have a knack for salesmanship and would like to embark on a career that is certainly trending towards becoming a job that is primarily conducted remotely. Working as a sales representative is a great option to consider.

3. Developers

One of the most sought after professions in the market is developers. There are many companies that work remotely so-called virtual companies that is quite practical for all employees. The only equipment you need is your computer and the internet. Of course, you also need to know a programming language to find a job easier. There are lot of online platforms also where can you find projects

4. Copywriters

Companies that want to build and maintain an effective online footprint that will allow then to attract as many potential
customers as possible to their website need one thing above all else – hight quality content. Over the years, Google has adjusted their search engine algorithm to increasingly favor websites that publish large amounts of well-written, valuable content on a regular basis, meaning that having a lot of quality content to display has become the key to appearing higher and higher in the results for any given search. Since writing and turning in content is solitary work that requires only a word processor and internet connection, copywriters were among the first employees to transition to remote work. Today, it is much more common for a company to hire a freelance copywriter or at least
employ a copywriter that works remotely than it is for a company to hire a team of full-time, in-house copywriters. if you are a talented wordsmith then working either as a freelance copywriter or a full-time a copywriter that is employed remotely is both promising career options to explore.

copywriter from home

5. Consultant

The term “consultant” is a broad-ranging term that can apply to a wide range of focuses and industries. From marketing consultants to legal consultants and beyond, many companies are willing to pay good money for advice from a professional outside eye. In many cases, though, a consultant’s work can be conducted entirely remotely using tools such as videoconferencing, phone and email. If you have a high level of experience in just about any professional area -whether its sales, human resources,
marketing, or anything in- between then there is a good chance that you might be able
to find companies that will pay you nicely for your expertise.

Have you considered switching to a work from home career?

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