5 Things to do in Copenhagen


Historic, young, raucous, and sophisticated, to many people Copenhagen will represent many things. It’s a virtual sandbox if you’re young, with the world’s oldest theme parks and some of the trendiest retail and nightlife places anywhere.

There are ancient palaces and museums for history in which artifacts from the Viking and Bronze Period are on view.
Uncover the charm of this Nordic region, 
with a selection of Copenhagen’s 5 must-visit attractions.

#1. Visit Tivoli Gardens

tivoli garden

Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens amusement park is a must for both town tourists, young and old alike. Tivoli is just a few minutes ‘ walk from City Hall so it’s really convenient to get to Copenhagen Central Station as its nearest neighbor.

Tivoli Gardens includes swings, sports, bars, dance halls and theatres. There’s a traditional Japanese Garden, a pool, Fireworks every Friday night and periodically the gardens have live dance and music shows!

Part of the magic of the Garden is that something is available for all. The environment is lovely with tropical designs, green gardens and old houses.

Throughout the night, thousands of colorful lights produce a truly new, fairy tale environment.

#2 Go Christiansborg Palace

Christians palace

Christiansborg Palace is centered on Copenhagen’s Slotsholmen and has an 800-year tradition as the center of influence in Denmark.

The present palace was completed in 1928 but for centuries kings and queens ruled from this spot. Today HM The Queen uses the palace for formal functions including gala banquets and general audiences.

Denmark’s Prime Minister also uses The Royal Reception Rooms in conjunction with international state leaders ‘ visits to the capital. For formal events, the Alexandra Hall is included.

#3. Visit Bakken Amusement Park

bakken and people

Only a 10-minute drive north of Copenhagen you’ll find the world’s oldest amusement park. Located in the Dyrehaven forest, Bakken is a unique amusement park providing a traditional and romantic atmosphere mixed with new and enjoyable amusements and exciting trips.

The entrance is free!

You can discover a wide range of sports, attractions, bars, fast food and ice cream shops and there’s plenty of excitement for kids and adults every day.

#4. Rent a bicycle


In Copenhagen nearly everybody is riding a bike. You should hire a bike and ride around and conquer the city on two wheels if you want to live like a real Copenhagener!

Of course, the area is green, which helps, but the bike lanes are very wide and because it helps reduce traffic down, people are advised to ride if they choose to go for a drive.

In Copenhagen, there are countless companies selling rentals, but you might want to seek the hi-City Cycle scheme which has been operating since 1995.

The new have only a touch-screen computer with GPS built-in.

#5. Nyhavn

This historic waterfront place, New Harbor in English, is next to a 17th-century canal where old wooden ships are still moored.

Nyhavn is the perfect place to end a long day, especially during the summer. Much like the tourists, with a cold one on the quay or at one of the several restaurants.

Nyhavn-said’ No-hown’-needs to be the city’s poster place.

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