5 things you shouldn’t do on vacation

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How can you recognize a Japanese person anywhere in the world? There are probably at least two or three cameras around his neck through all vacation.

Joke aside, in recent years cameras have been replaced by smartphones and now tablets.

And while locals look reproachfully at tourists who lift their iPad into the air to capture the perfect photo of the sunset, tourists don’t pay attention to what they’re doing. The only thing that matters to them is to capture the perfect moment that they will show to all their friends at home.

So that you don’t look like a tourist, no matter what city or country you’re in, and so you don’t harass your friends or coworkers who are still sweating in the office, Here is a list of things you shouldn’t do this summer.

1. Making a phone call during vacation

You know that warning the flight attendants give while the plane is still on the ground? That, ‘please turn off all electronic devices and keep them off until we land’? That applies to you too. The moment you get on the plane and sit in the seat, turn off the phone. Or at least put it in ‘airplane mode’.

Making phone calls on an airplane, even if he was still on the ground, is not polite. Make calls before boarding or when you land.

2. Obsessive battery charging

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Vacation is used to recharge your batteries, not to look for a socket in a panic because the device has informed you that the battery charge is below 50 percent.

If you need to be available, consider buying a spare battery or one of the fast battery chargers on the go.

In all other cases, indulge at the moment and ignore the warnings that the battery is running low.

3. Constant photography


Some people, in fear of missing something, take pictures of everything and anything on their journey. Sometimes they even take photos without looking at what they are filming. In the end, they have several thousand photos, hundreds of which are blurry, unrecognizable, or simply uninteresting.

Dedicate yourself to photography completely. Make a note of what you want to keep as a memory. Photos will be of better quality and preferred because you were focused on what you were doing. And you may even discover a new passion for photography.

4. Constant checking of e-mail

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Are you on vacation? Forget about work! Smartphones allow you to do your job at any time, but you really don’t have to reply to a business partner’s email from the beach.

If you need to be available, take an hour or two to check your mail and answer those most urgent inquiries. Leave everything else to go back to work.

After all, isn’t a full mailbox the best excuse for spending your first day at work in a slightly more casual and slow tone?

5. Obsessive preparation of movies and books for vacation

books for vacation

The fact is that during the trip you probably won’t watch all the movies or series you’ve downloaded to your laptop or tablet, as well as read the hundreds of books you’ve prepared on your e-reader.

Rest also means rest from technology. Unless your main holiday goal is to watch all the movies and series you missed during the year, or read all those books you have on your ‘to read’ list. Then the obsession is justified.

Otherwise, hang out with people, have fun, meet new places, and leave the technology for the rest of the year.

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