BMW congratulates Trucker Day to Mercedes

The BMW branch, which operates in the territory of the Russian Federation, congratulated the Truckers’ Day to their colleagues from the Mercedes-Benz branch, in their own way.

Namely, on social networks, that is, on company profiles whose admins wear T-shirts with a blue-and-white propeller, a photo of a modern Mercedes-Benz Actros truck pulling a semi-trailer with Bavarian performance models with M markings is on display.

As if the visual message was not effective enough, sympathetic and in the spirit of rival-collegial relations that prevail among German competitors, the announcement with the publication of the photo reads something like this:

“Congratulations to those who are credible enough to be trusted with the most valuable transport.”

Truckers’ Day is celebrated in Russia every last Saturday in August. However, the day before yesterday was not the premiere in which the Bavarians used this “expression of good taste and corporate charm”.

Namely, the fact that Mercedes-Benz is also engaged in the production of commercial limousine, both light and heavy, BMW employees have already exploited in the past:

Transportation Mercedes Service

Twenty years ago, part of the promotional activity related to the launch of the BMW 5 Series, from the E39 generation, was related to the display of the transport of a noble limousine and caravan, on a semi-trailer towed by a Mercedes-Benz truck.

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The message from the Bavarian manufacturer at the time seemed even more deceptive: “Here’s how Mercedes can also be fun to drive.”

The Charmers from Stuttgart, nor their colleagues from the Russian division, did not have an adequate response over the weekend, but we have no doubt that an equally fun rematch will follow.

We will be there to follow the development of a situation that promises a meaningful and wide smile, and we will inform you about it immediately.

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