South Jutland – the best of Denmark

South Jutland Denmark is ideal for exploring the beauties of Denmark. This peninsula separates the North from the Baltic Sea and forms the land border of Denmark and Germany.

This country outside its capital also has a lot to offer tourists, and many will be pleasantly surprised by the richness of the offer.

Idyllic and endless plain landscapes are interspersed with dunes created by a strong wind. The beautiful shores of the two seas are adorned with romantic villages imprinted in the low hills, where hygge is quite a common way of life.

South Jutland is a magical part of Denmark where many Danes go to recharge their batteries and take a break from everyday life, and when you see what it has to offer visitors, it will be clear to you why this is so.

Delicious kitchen

It is true that Copenhagen is full of world-famous restaurants, but South Jutland also has its culinary stars, including local cuisine restaurants with Michelin stars. What this part of Denmark is famous for is the pleasure with coffee.

The locals serve coffee with a rich meal. In addition to this favorite drink, you must always find a cake such as a traditional thin waffle or a rye bread cake. Thicker rye flour pancakes are thinned and filled with jams, all topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Lunch here is a light and often cold meal, more of a kind of snack in which you can often find boiled eggs in a hundred ways in mustard sauce. They are accompanied by various Danish sausages or carpaccio. Of course, rye bread, which is a symbol of Denmark, is unavoidable in any combination.

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