Sunseeker and Rolls-Royce hybrid yacht

yacht on the sea

British boatmaker Sunseeker International has joined forces with another famous island brand, Rolls-Royce, to jointly develop a yacht that uses hybrid technology, with the possibility of silent navigation in a mode in which it fully relies on the use of electricity.

The presentation took place at the Boot Düsseldorf event, as one of the most important fairs in the world, when it comes to the world of nautical and water sports.

The manufacturer of luxury yachts will use the powertrain that results from the cooperation with the famous car brand in the new generation of its vessels. Both companies unveiled a hybrid powertrain this week, which combines diesel with electric motors.

This technology will enable the production of yachts of equal or higher power than those offered by the competition, but with the available mode of silent navigation without harmful emissions.

The electrified MTU powertrain uses two 2000 series diesel engines, which have a dual function: on the one hand, they recharge the battery unit, while on the other hand they are also used as navigation drives, in situations where the hybrid system is active. .

Electric hybrid yacht

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