Trick Your Brain to Like Doing Hard Thing


We all know that when it comes time to do something, especially if it is difficult and complicated, our brain is somehow scared and does not want to do it. We have no doubt that if you were to play a game, or watch a movie, you would be concentrating for 2 hours, and when it comes to learning or completing a task, then everything is different. Some activities are easy and do not require much effort, while others are more difficult and require more effort. But that is not a problem for some people. So we wonder why some people can and some can’t? Read our suggestions to deceive your brain and make it easier to complete tasks.

#1 Always start with the harder task and then move on to the easier ones.

When you have to complete several tasks or tasks during the day, always start with the hardest. The trick to this is that if you start with easier tasks, your brain will get tired and will be scared in some way that the most difficult is waiting for the end. Therefore, when you start from scratch and do the hardest work, you will feel much more fulfilled and you will not have a problem with easier tasks.

#2 Get reward after you finish your task

One of the easiest tactics to complete a task is to reward yourself after the job is done. The brain is always more motivated when waiting for a reward. You can afford a beer, eat a cake, watch a movie or go on a picnic. All this will help you to be more motivated in your work.

#3 Set a time limit for completing the task

This may sound strange, but it works quite well when it comes to productivity. The human brain wants to compete and work under pressure. By setting a time limit for completing the task, you are ordering your brain to get ready for work. Also, if you finish it on time, you will feel fulfilled and rewarded.

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