FAQ Covid-19

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1. What is DL-Limousine doing to help clients stay safe?

Since we are open, during-trip, all cars are properly washed and disinfected, including touching items and surfaces such as handles, seat belts, air vents, buttons and armrests with a disinfectant wipe. We also remove all materials printed, water bottles, etc…

2. Are your chauffeurs safe and how they deal with this situation?

Each driver is provided with a mask, gloves and liquid hand sanitizer that can be used during their shifts. Chauffeurs are encouraged to prevent all direct interaction with all travelers, and also we are requesting drivers to restrict the number of things exchanged between drivers and passengers (devices, chargers, etc.).

3.What happens if I’m delayed due to lengthy waits at the airport?

Our drivers will be waiting for our passengers 60 minutes in the Airport where ship will embark according to information provided by customer or the travel agency. Driver will wait with a name board. If no contact has been established later than 60 min. and our booking department haven’t been contacted on the telephone, then it will be considered as a NO SHOW with full charge.

4. For more questions who should I contact?

Send us an email on info@danishlimousine.com
Call us directly: +4536959990

Our support available to help you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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