11 D tricks that will improve your trip

Trip Map for traveling

How to pass security control at the airport without difficulty during your trip? How to pack a shirt to keep it intact or secure a shampoo cap to keep it from leaking?

Those who are experienced in travel know a whole host of useful tricks that will save you the hassle and time on the trip. Copy some tricks from experienced travelers.

#1. Roll the clothes in the suitcase

If you roll the pieces of clothing like sushi instead of stacking them on top of each other, not only will you get more space in the suitcase, but you will also crumple the clothes less because you are not stacking piece by piece but piece by piece.

#2. Inform the bank that you are traveling

Banks often block your credit card if they notice increased spending or withdrawing money from ATMs in foreign countries.

They make it possible to steal the card number, especially after they call you and you did not answer and confirm that you made that expense. To save your nerves, let them know you’re going on a trip.

#3. Highlight luggage

If you have one of those generic suitcases, make a mark on it to make it easier to see. Put a sticker, ribbon or any label that will distinguish it from other similar ones.

#4. Store the headset and charger in the glasses case

If you’re tired of digging through your bag to find headphones and a cell phone charger, put them in a glasses box. They will interfere less.

#5. Make use of the space in your shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space in the suitcase. Why not fill that space with socks and thus save space? In addition, if you fill your shoes well, they will not lose their shape.

#6. Paper packaging

Another trick that reduces the need for ironing is to pack the clothes in paper, the way you get clothes in the store. Paper keeps clothes from creating creases.

#7. Charge your mobile phone via the USB port on the hotel TV

Charger for your trip

If you are traveling to a modern hotel, and you forgot to bring a charger head, for example, and you only have a USB cable, there is no problem. You can charge your mobile phone by connecting the mobile phone to the hotel TV via the USB port.

#8. E-mail important documents for your trip

In case of any need, especially an accident and loss of documents, it is good to have all the necessary documents on the email (passports, insurance certificates, paid tickets and hotels).

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#9. Foil around the plugs

Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel leak easily and ruin your clothes. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, put a bit of cling film on top of the bottle, then just put the cap on and roll up.

#10. Always bring a scarf during trip

It can cool down anywhere so bring a scarf. besides, if you’re traveling to religious places, you may have to wrap yourself up to enter a holy place, so it’s convenient to have a scarf again!


#11. Use Uber instead of expensive taxi service

If you are going to a destination where there is Uber, we definitely recommend using it. If you can’t be picked up at the airport, drive to the nearest hotel and call Uber, it will save you money

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