Sunseeker and Rolls-Royce hybrid yacht

yacht on the sea

Each of the two diesel engines, in a 12-cylinder configuration, delivers 1,947 horsepower (1,432 kW), or a total of about 4,000 “horsepower”. At the request of the captain of the yacht, it is possible to turn off both diesel engines from the function at any time, and at the same time use only the power of the electric motor, in order for the sailing to continue. When it appears on the market, during 2020, the yacht will be able to be ordered in different power output levels of internal combustion engines, as announced by Rolls-Royce.

The electric motors of this unique yacht enable operation in as many as six different sailing modes, including the one that involves recharging the batteries (Charge Hybrid). There is also the Smart Hybrid mode, which selects propellers (propellers) on an autonomous basis.

“Electric Mode” is probably clear to everyone, ie in that case only electric motors are used for sailing, which is especially useful during night cruises, or when the captain wants to save fuel.

Finally, there is the “Silent Mode” or as it is called in the jargon “stealth mode”, when only batteries are used, but not generators. In this mode, it is possible to sail for about 40 minutes, with an additional 120 minutes during which there will be enough electricity for all the equipment and instrumentation on the yacht.

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