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  1. How people travel in Denmark in Covid-19 situation.

    Travel is open in to a large number of countries in the EU / Schengen and the UK, where the Staten Serum Institut assesses that the development of infection is low, and where Danes can enter without significant restrictions. For the countries in the EU / Schengen and UK, which the Statens Serum Institut categorizes as' quarantine countries' due to the development of infection, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel guide remains orange (all unnecessary travel is not recommended). The travel guide is also orange for countries in the EU / Schengen and UK with significant entry restrictions for Danish travelers.
    In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs opens for travel to individual countries outside the EU / Schengen and the UK, where the EU assesses that the development of infection is below or equal to the EU average. Here, too, a further precondition will be that the country has no entry restrictions or quarantine requirements for Danish travelers and that the general security situation in the country is acceptable.

  2. What about the travel guides in general

    If you are traveling to a country for which we do not provide travel guides, you can find information on our website or you can contact us directly on our phone office 24/7.

  3. Best summer offers in Denmark

    Throughout August and September, the ferry crossing to many of the Danish islands, as well as the Ystad-Rønne route to Bornholm, are also offered at a significantly reduced price. The ferries have proven to be so popular that some of the routes continue to offer free crossings to pedestrians and cyclists. This includes the ferry to Tunø, Ærø, Samsø, Femø, Fejø, Askø, Bjørnø, Orø, Venø, Baagø and Strynø.

  4. How to use Limousine Transfer Service

    Our service is easily accessible to all our customers. Booking one of our vehicles consists of a few simple steps. There is a booking button on our website where you can book transportation from which location and in how long our driver will be waiting for you and to which place you would like to go. Our prices are fixed and you get them right now. You can make the payment immediately through various ways of secure collection.

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