American printed a fake check and bought a Porsche 911 Turbo

Surely we all remember that scene in the movie “Catch Me If You Can” where Leonardo DiCaprio explains to Tom Hanks why a certain check is fake even before he even looked at it.

While we are certainly not all experts like the character from the film played by DiCaprio, that is, like Frank Abignell, whose character was based on a real criminal and later hired an expert for tribal purposes, it is not difficult to see the difference between a real check and a printed one. on a standard printer at home.

But employees at a Porsche Limousine Service showroom apparently fell for the scam after receiving a check printed on a home printer and issuing a Porsche 911 Turbo to the “customer” based on it.

We do not know how the seller failed to notice the difference, especially because the paper has a drastically different relief, raw material composition, quality in general, and all this is obvious at first glance, but when a man named Casey Kelly appeared and offered such a check, the same days ended with the keys of the famous German athlete.

Later research will show that the check was in the amount of 139,203 US dollars, so we assume that it is a second-hand one, since the new copy is about 30,000 greenbacks more expensive.

Of course, when the salon tried to cash the check, he received a negative answer, so he called the police and reported the theft.

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But that was not the end for Kelly. The very next day, he tried again to pay via fake checks, three Rolex watches worth $ 61,521. This time, the seller was smart to call the bank and check if the checks were covered, and when he found out that the bank account did not exist at all, he also called the police.

The boys in blue quickly tracked down Kelly and he was arrested the same day. He did not hide what he did and openly admitted that he found pictures of checks on the Internet, and then printed them on a cheap printer using paper and color available in every store.

Maybe it’s time for a prestigious company like Porsche to have a little better control over who it hires…

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