South Jutland – the best of Denmark

Sea Of Denmark

Oyster hunting

Oyster on the beach with knife and lemon in Denmark
Fresh Oysters on Beach

It is not clear to anyone how the Pacific oysters multiplied on the shores of the small island of Fano in the North Sea, but their number is growing day by day at an incredible rate. This island holds the Guinness World Record for the largest oyster. Here you can go on a so-called oyster safari. Join a group with an expert guide and start collecting and eating as many oysters as you can or until the tidal wave comes.

Home LEGO cube

Lego Star cube
Lego bricks construction

Jitland is the home of LEGO bricks. They originated in the town of Billund in the center of the peninsula. Today, LEGOLAND is located there, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Denmark. A novelty in this park is the LEGO House, made of 25 million pieces of cubes.

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Viking village

Small Viking house in Denmark
Old Viking House in Denmark

The oldest town in Denmark is Ribe. It is located on the shores of the North Sea and is believed to have been founded in 700 BC. as a Viking trading center. Despite numerous difficulties throughout history, fires, floods and plague, the medieval center of the town is surprisingly well preserved. Here you can spend the night at the Hotel Dagmar, Denmark’s oldest hotel. The main tourist attraction of Ribe is the cathedral, which is the oldest in Denmark.

The easiest way to get from Serbia to South Jutland Denmark is by plane via Copenhagen. Alternatively, you can fly to Malmo (Sweden). The region is best visited by car, and depending on the location of the accommodation, you can visit many sights by bike.

South Jutland - the best of Denmark
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South Jutland - the best of Denmark
South Jutland is ideal for exploring the beauties of Denmark. This peninsula separates the North from the Baltic Sea and forms the land border of Denmark.
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