Maserati has a new V6 engine

Maserati new V6 engine with two turbos can boost from three liters and produce 550KS. After the premiere of the MC20 model, this unit replaces the Ferrari V8 engine with at least three models.

Among the cars that will benefit from the new aggregate are the GranTurismo and GranCabrio, as well as the Levante ispod crossover, announced by Auto News. Crossover engine version 530KS.

It is expected that both the standard and more powerful specifications of the unit will have a certain level of electrification, and it remains to be seen whether Maserati will make a separate hybrid model.

Sales of the Maserati Levante with a V8 engine will start in September. Two power levels are available, the GTS and the Trophy. At its strongest performance, the engine achieves 580 hp, making the Levante the most powerful Maserati model in history. Accordingly, prices are rising. The GTS costs 135,000 euros in Italy, while the Trofeo goes up to 155,000 euros, but it has all the possible items in the equipment.

The new V6 engine uses a technology called turbulent jet ignition. The system uses the space where the spark plugs are usually located for a chamber in which very efficient combustion takes place, thus reducing fuel consumption and gas emissions. Mahle previously delivered similar technology to the Ferrari F1 team.

Maserati’s best-selling model for this version gets the 3.8-liter Biturbo V8 from its sister brand Ferrari. The GTS version has 530 hp and 730 Nm, while the power in the Trofeo variant is 580 hp. The sprint to 100, in the latter case, takes 3.9 seconds and the top speed is 300 km / h – these are the values ​​I first achieved on a Maserati production model.

Trofeo has several special details in the design and a modified chassis, with which the body is three centimeters closer to the asphalt. In the selection of driving programs, there is additionally an extreme mode for the racetrack.

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