2021 Bentley Bentayga


Bentley has introduced the thoroughly redesigned Bentayga SUV, its best-selling model, bringing this car in line with the Continental GT and Flying Spur models.

All panels at the front end of the Bentayge have been changed and double LED Matrix lights have been added whose position has been increased by 30mm. The new front bumper emphasizes the sporty character, and the side intakes and sills have been redesigned.

Bentley from back side

The changes at the back are even more dramatic and are in line with the current design style of this brand. The rear end has been visually expanded and redesigned, and the license plate has been moved to the bumper. The rear light clusters are brand new and have an oval shape, like on a Continental GT. The volume of the exhaust pipe ends has been increased and a new rear spoiler has been added.

We also offer new 22-inch wheels, two new body colors and a Blackline exterior package that replaces chrome elements with glossy black surfaces.

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In the cabin, the news comes down mainly to new technology, and only the door trim has been physically changed. The center console now has a 10.9-inch multimedia screen. The system uses new software and now includes Apple CarPlay technology, and previously Android Auto. The instrument panel has been fully digitized, and passengers in the rear seats have been given a tablet with a remote connection to control various seat functions. The ports for connecting the device have switched to the USB-C standard, the SIM card has been integrated and the wireless charging function of the phone has been added.

There are still three configurations for the interior, so the Bentayga can be four-seater, five-seater or seven-seater, with a pair of folding seats in the boot. The four-seater has more knee room than before, and the seats can be stretched by an additional 100mm. The rear row of seats in the five-seater specification has also been redesigned, so there is now a bit more space for passengers.

On the chassis, only the rear track has been changed, which has been increased by 20mm. Bentley said this change fits better in the redesign of the rear end and improves handling. The car has eight driving modes if customers choose the optional All-Terrain package.

Car jeep

Bentley also announced the premiere of a restyled version of Speed with a six-liter W12 engine, and a plug-in hybrid variant is in preparation. Diesel is not available.

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